Well Connected Gifts - Ring broke me out, would not refund money.

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I ordered a ring with a CZ stone.The ring was "supposed" to be Silver with gold overlay.

Yeah right! It broke me out so bad I had to see doctor. So I sent the ring back, asked for my refund and they had the gall to threaten me if I didn't pay the final installment. Well I've wrote, and called that number they give you but don't bother no one would answer.

So, if anyone reads this before you order, if it sounds to good to be true, it is. The company was Wellconnected Jewelry.

The date was 4-8-2008.Order #46659623.

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Well Connected Gifts - WellConnected is a ripoff and the jewelry is cheap.

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I picked out an engraved charm bracelet from the Things Remembered website for my husband and kids to give me for Mother's Day 2007. He went to WellConnected's website and got what he thought I specified. He ordered the bracelet in March 6, 2007 and on Mother's Day I did not have the bracelet. They sent him a letter stating they were out of the sterling silver bracelet and would send the proper one out as soon as it became available. Well, in June, WellConnected sent a garish "gold" bracelet that looked absolutely awful. My husband called them and "Michelle" said that they were sorry and would expedite the correct bracelet to him. The next week, the same wrong bracelet came. By the time December came, I had recieved 7 ugly "gold" bracelets and one silver ring (which the stones promptly fell out of).

When I called the first time to explain about my Mother's Day present and how fake it looked, "Rhonda" explained that it couldn't have come from here company, because all of their jewelry was 100% and authentic gold. (I wish I could post a picture of this cheap, *** gold).

I actually called the company and spoke to several "Paul"s and "Sue"s and "Bill"s (these call centers are obviously outsourced), and then Googled the company to speak with the head company. A really nice lady helped me and got to the bottom of the situation and within 24 hours, I received a call back from the manager at WellConnected saying that they were sorry, please forgive, blah blah, blah. They would cancel the order and we should not receive a bill. Well, we got a third bill this week and I've called again to basically curse them out and "Paul" assured me that there will be no other bills.

Do not buy from WellConnected. Their inventory is cheap-looking and the engraved items are just surface engravements that actual rub off (yep, it happened to one of the ugly bracelets).

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #25942

I bought several silver, engraved bracelets form Well Connected and they were very nice..Still have them..However, I also had trouble with a wrong something being sent and slow response to the refund thing..But they did take care of it...

Brownsville, Wisconsin, United States #11515

I agree completely. I returned a bracelet & still have not rec'd a refund and it was over a year ago

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